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Friday, May 10, 2024


Returning home from a meeting of The Witches Council, Samantha Stephens was shocked to see her husband spanking her cousin Serena’s bare bottom.


Smiling wickedly at his beautiful wife, while continuing to whale away at Serena’s rapidly reddening rear with his hand, Darren replied, “While waiting for you to return home, Serena came down with a bad bout of the witch’s flu, and lost her powers. So I thought this was the perfect time to give this wicked witch what she’s deserved for years.”

Watching Darren turn her cousin’s rear cherry red, Samantha recalled all of the times Serena had pretended to be her, hoping to destroy her marriage to a man Serena hated, simply because he was a mortal. Smiling mischievously, Samantha twitched her nose, and a large oval oaken hairbrush appeared in her husband’s hand.

“HEY, A HAIRBRUSH!” Darren proclaimed merrily, “Thanks, Sam, that’s just what I needed, my hand was getting sore.”

“YOUR HAND? What about my … OW!” Serena yelped, when Darren blasted the heavy hairbrush into her already burning bottom, causing the fires already raging there to increase in their intensity, until the dark haired witch’s butt was boiling and blistering.

Darren continued to pepper Serena’s posterior with his hairbrush until the howling troublemaker’s ass was a deep dark shade of burgundy, and Serena was begging for mercy. Satisfied that her naughty cousin had learned a long overdue lesson, Samantha twitched her nose again, and Serena disappeared from across her husband’s lap to reappear sitting, still bare bottomed, on a wooden stool at the Stephens’ kitchen table.

“YEOW!” Serena shouted, leaping off of the stool, her hands flying to her roasting rear.

Before she was allowed to give her bottom much of a soothing rub, Samantha chanted:

“Oh, Great Horned One and Bela The Bat,

The Midnight Man and The Golden Ghoul,

Please make this naughty brat,

Unable to move from her stool.”

Serena was instantly returned to the stool, unable to stand back up. “Please release me from your spell, Samantha, my butt is on fire and sitting on this stool really REALLY hurts.” Serena pleaded.

“Oh, I’ll release you from my spell …”, Samantha said, smiling sweetly, as a stack of paper and a pen magically appeared in front of Serena, “AFTER you write a thousand times ‘I’ll never impersonate Samantha again.’ “

“Living with mortals has turned you into a real meanie, Cuz!” Serena pouted, as she picked up the pen.

A hour later, Serena was still writing her lines, feeling like she was sitting on a bed of red hot coals, while Darrin and Samantha watched her delightfully, sitting on their big comfy couch, drinking martinis, too far from Serena to notice her smile sinisterly, or to hear her whisper, “You may be laughing now, but once I recover from the witch’s flu, and get my powers back, I won’t be the only one in this house with a blistered bottom.”

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Handsome and the Beast

"Is that him, milady?" Livonna asked, sniffing air and pricking her ears up. "Really handsome one!" she smiled wistfully, looking at young blond elf in green suit.

"It doesn't matter, if he is handsome or ugly!" Dame Athanasia shook her head. "As I already said, he is the keeper of the runic key I need. Well, we need."

"And what's the problem, milady?" Wolffang smirked. "Easy peasy lemon squeezy! All we need is just to sneak into his house and find that key, right?" she put her hand on the bunch of master keys under her apron.

"The problem is, we don't know, where in his house the key is hidden, my dear burglar," Dame Athanasia slapped orcess's butt. "And if we will blow up the dark, searching his house through, he will find out, that somebody stole the key too quickly. No. We need to find another way."

"Maybe you will just subjugate him by your bite, milady?" Kajira asked, straightening her pointed hat. "And then you will easily make him tell you everything you need to know and after that - to forgot, that he even saw you."

"Elven blood is too tasty for mine kind," Dame Athanasia sighed. "I'm not sure, if I will be able to control myself enough not to drain him over. And if I'll turn him into vampire, that will break all our conspiracy. But I have a better idea. Wolffang, Livonna, you two should track his usual routes. Kajira, prepare our wolf-girl's clothes, please."

"What do you have in mind, milady?" Livonna looked at her mistress in confusion.

"Since we can't just invade his house and blow up the dark searching for the key, you will get it for me." Dame Athanasia patted werewolf-girl's head. "You will turn into your human form and befriend with this elf. Your wolfish sense of smell will help you to find the key, when you'll became the welcome guest in his house. And if you'll find out, that there are any magic traps, you'll find the way to let Kajira in, so she'll help you." she patted Livonna's head once again. "I'm sure, you'll succeed, my fair beast!"

Few days later, in the evening a three pretty young women, two dressed as a philistines and one - as an aristocrat, were walking down the street. One of them, a beauty with a wolfish grey hair, stopped and sniffed air.

"He is coming!" she whispered, turning to her companions.

Dame Athanasia nodded contentedly.

"Excellent! Livonna, dear, stay here. Wollfang!" she turned to the orcess. "Get ready!" the vampiress stepped behind an arch, hiding in shadows. Wolffang put her hand on the saber hilt. Few minutes later they heard foot steps approaching. Livonna nodded. Wolffang raised the sabre.

"Where do you think you are going, pretty?" she asked, smirking. "Do you have any money? Or any jewels? No? And what if I'll find some on your body?"

"Help! Please! Someone!" Livonna screamed, while orcess was coming closer.

"Stop right there, criminal scum!" both girls heard strict male voice, and the elf appeared from the evening shadows with a rapier drawn. Wolffang screamed angrily and tried to attack him, but even if she was planning to defeat him for real, she had no chance against a knight. So he quickly disarmed her and put his rapier to her throat.

"I surrender! I promise!" Wolffang gulped in fear. She was pretty sure, that he will just scare her away, but not capture. The knight looked at her sternly.

"And what should I do with you?" He sighed. "Call the guards and send you to the court?"

The orcess shook her head, looking at him pleadingly. The elf frowned.

"Well, I have an idea. Pull your skirt up!" he said, taking off his belt. Wolffang pouted, but submitted. Livonna smirked.

Few seconds later the whooping sounds of the belt landing on the soft skin repeatedly and the girlish screams of pain were heard around the alley. Wolffang was begging for mercy and weeping bitterly, struggling the pain. She quickly became almost ready to confess, that it all was nothing but a staging, but when she caught the gaze of Dame Athanasia, who was watching all the scene from around the corner, poor orcess bit her tongue. She knew very well, that her mistress will punish her for failed task much more severely, than even the elven knight. And she just screamed and wept in pain till he was satisfied and just kicked her away. Steal crying in pain, failed robber ran away, clutching her very sore bottom. The knight followed her with his gaze and turned to the girl he saved. Livonna smiled and curtsied.

"Oh, thank you, milord! You saved my life!" she finally noticed, that her breasts are uncovered and blushed, fixing her corsage.

"Not at all, young lady," the knight smiled back and turned away, giving her time to fix her dress. "It is dangerous walking alone so late, you know?" he said jocosely strictly.

"I know," Livonna sighed. "I know. My bad. My employer made me to clean dust in his library all over, and I made too many breaks to read..." she smiled guilty. "I was happy he didn't caught me, when I was reading his books instead of working, or I could get a spanking instead of payment," Livonna giggled and sighed again. "So I ended my work quite late. Right when highwaymen go out for prey..." she looked at the knight. "If it wasn't for you, I would definitely have been robbed, and possibly killed!" Livonna curtsied again.

"All's well that ends well!" the knight smiled. "Don't feel bad for your thirst for knowledge," he winked at the girl. "I hope, the book you were reading was an academic treatise, not just some romance novel. But even it was the latest, don't feel guilty. What is your name, young lady? I am Falaen, Knight of the Realm." he saluted.

"My name is Livonna," Livonna curtsied again, blushing. "You may not believe me, milord, but that was an academic treatise. About natural balance and the role of predators in its maintenance. I was always loving books, but my family was very poor, so I never could get a proper education." She sighed. "Well, now the robber is gone. I guess, I can continue my way home. I hope, nothing more bad will happen to me. Thank you very much for saving me and good bye!" Livonna sighed again and turned away, preparing to go, but suddenly the knight's hand lay on her shoulder.

"Not so fast, Livonna," Falaen smiled. "Night streets aren't safe enough, and my evening is free. Why should I not escort you home?"

Livonna smiled happily.

"Oh, thank you very much, milord."

All the way home Livonna was trying to keep the conversation going. She never felt herself so foolish ever before, but Falaen found her rustic spontaneity surprisingly nice. Of course this girl was far from the noble ladies from his usual encirclement. She was too rude and totally lack of manners, but she was really cute in her clumsiness. Her almost primal wilderness was really tempting. So when they finally reached her home, Falaen asked her, if they may meet again. And when Livonna blushed and agreed, he insisted to meet the next day in city park. She promised him to be there at midday, made a curtsy and disappeared behind a tenement house's door just to get out from a window on the other side.

Dame Athanasia was very happy about her maid's success. But it was only the first step to her triumph. So she allowed Livonna to date Falaen and insisted that she should behave nice with him. At least, until she will find the runic key. Wolffang tried to complain about the spanking she received, but Dame Athanasia just called that collateral damage and even Kajira advised poor orcess to forget about that punishment and not make a drama. End justifies the means.

The next day at the midday Livonna came to the park. Falaen was happy to see her again. They spent few hours just promenading around the lake, making pauses to stare at water. Livonna tried her Best to not make a fool of herself and not disappoint Falaen. But actually she charmed him by her easiness. She was completely different from the noble ladies and high society dandies. And in the same time the werewolf-girl started feeling that she finally met someone, who saw a person in her. So after the date in park they met again quite soon. Falaen taught Livonna some high society manners and even gave her few science lessons. He was surprised, how willingly this girl accepted new knowledge. He didn't know that, but she even asked Dame Athanasia and Kajira to help her to study. And not just the witch but even the vampiress surprisingly gladly helped her. And while Falaen was teaching Livonna some science and manners, she reminded him, how to simple enjoy life by walking around a forest or just doing nonsense time to time. So one day he finally invited her in his house. The only problem remained was Livonna's secret. Her curse. Her beast nature, which she kept hidden from Falaen. She wanted to confess him, but still was unsure if he won't just chase her away after that. And she continued trying her Best to hide her beast part from him.

And while Livonna was happy and Dame Athanasia was pretty sure, that she almost got the key, Wolffang became more and more jealous and envious. Falaen was really very handsome and smart, but while that wolf in chick's clothing almost got his heart, she got only a very painful belting from him. And in the same time Wolffang was pretty sure, that Livonna doesn't even try to speed up. Just like she really started falling in love with that elf! And that was unacceptable! At least Wolffang was sure so. After all, if this love will become Livonna's main priority, wouldn't she betray Dame Athanasia? Wolffang discussed this with the vampiress few times, and she even agreed with her, that the she-werewolf's make-believe love became true. Maybe even mutual. But when the orcess asked if she should take some measures, the vampiress suddenly became very serious and strictly prohibited her to do anything about that without any explanation. Wolfgang was confused, but decided to take matters in her own hands.

It was nice sunny day. Nothing foreshadowed trouble. Falaen and Livonna went to the market to buy her some new clothing. The knight finally decided to officially announce that she is his girlfriend. Livonna was over the moon. She was so happy that even didn't notice a pretty familiar smell.

Wolffang tried to stay on the leeward, but it wasn't so easy on the market with so many people around. Even not to lose the knight and his girl wasn't an easy task. Orcess sighed. She wasn't sure how to ruin their romance, but she had an idea. And right now she was looking for an opportunity. And finally she saw her. A noble elven lady in a very expensive dress with two bodyguards - a dwarf and an elf. She was much more focused on goods on the shelves than on her own safety, while her bodyguards were admiring pretty girls instead of looking for their employer. Wolffang smirked and looked for Livonna. Just in time to notice, that Falaen leaved her alone to prepare his surprise. The time was right.

The orcess sneaked behind the elven lady and easily stole her wallet. If she wanted to be sure, that silly woman won't notice that she was just robbed, Wolffang would replace the wallet with a stone the same weight. She did this trick many times before. But now she wanted to make some noise. And trying to be as quick and as inconspicuous as possible, she sneaked behind Livonna, put the stollen wallet in her bag and escaped as quick as it was possible, hiding behind the arch. The she-werewolf finally recognised the smell, but right when she turned around, the noble lady in a beautiful blue dress suddenly screamed:

"Thieves! I got robbed! You two, fools! Do something!"

Her bodyguards looked around, trying to find anyone looking like a thief even a bit. A crowd become bigger. Wolffand choose a moment and sneaked out from her hide. She sneaked behind the dwarf.

"That grey-haired girl stole something from the lady!" she whispered in his ear before disappear again. The dwarf turned around, trying to get, who was just speaking to him, but decided to follow mysterious advice and caught poor Livonna by her hand.

"Where do you think you are going, princess?" he asked and turned to his partner. "Aurelio, I think I found our thief! Help me to search her!"

"How dare you?! You have no right to do this!" Livonna protested, but two men easily overpowered her and while Aurelio was holding her by her arms, his partner searched her bad.

"I found it!" he shouted. "I found it, lady Shahirim!"

"Good job, Shtyz!" Lady Megalkarven Shahirim took her wallet from his hands and screamed: "Strip this vile thief naked! She deserved a good birching!"

Her bodyguards nodded contentedly, and Shtyz started ripping Livonna's dress.

"But I have no idea, how this wallet got into my bag! I didn't steal it! Please, don't do this to me! I swear, this is a mistake!" Livonna protested, struggling, but neither the lady nor her bodyguards listened to her.

"Hey! What do you think you are doing! Stop immediately! I forbid you!" Falaen screamed, trying to get through the crowd, but he was too far to stop lady Shahirim's bodyguards.

Wolffang smiled, peeking from around the corner.

Shtyz and Aurelio stripped poor Livonna naked and made her bend over by tying her hands. Aurelio took a big bunch of birches and, while Shtyz was keeping loudly protesting girl in position, started flogging her. Livonna screamed out loud and wagged her plump bottom like a mad, trying to make the terrible pain easy even a bit. She was desperate. She could stand the humiliation. She could stand the pain. But she was frightened about her secret will be revealed. It was a well know fact, that the pain always makes werewolves show their true nature. The nature of the beast. And no matter how hard she tried to stand the pain, she couldn't prevent her transformation. Lady Shahirim laughed, watching at poor girl's suffering, and all the crowd roared approval. They all were pretty sure, that this girl was a thief, so nobody felt pity for her. Except Falaen, who still tried to get through the crowd and stop this reprisal. But when he finally did it, it was too late. Livonna's body started changing. Her ears became pointy and covered with a grey fur, while her hair became totally look just like a long wolfish wool. Her arms and legs turned into a wolf's paws. Then even her body became wolfish and her face turned into a muzzle. Her torturers stopped.

"What?! A werewolf?!" Aurelio screamed, stepping back.

"Guards! Guards! A werewolf! A werewolf!" Shtyz screamed out loud, throwing the rope.

Livonna looked at Falaen, who was totally shocked. The fear and disenchantment in his eyes were much worse than any pain or humiliation.

"I am sorry, Falaen! I can explain!" she mumbled. But he just turned away. The werewolfess growled desperately and just ran away like darkness.

Falaen also walked away, still not wanting to believe what he just saw.

Wolffang laughed until she drop. Suddenly someone's heavy hand lay over her shoulder. Wolffang turned around and gulped in fear, seeing furious Dame Athanasia.

"Do you have any idea, what had you done, stupid girl?" the vampiress asked sternly, grabbing her maid by the braid.

"But that mutt wanted to betray us and stay with that elf! Someone should stop her! I thought..."

"You are here not for thinking!" Dame Athanasia interrupted her. "I could just talk to Livonna and she would listen to me! And you ruined all the plan, stupid jealous vixen! Three weeks of preparation down the drain!" she pulled orcess hair, making her scream and turn her face to the wall. "Stand still!" she raised the girl's skirt. Wolffang sobbed in fear. She knew very well what is going to happen.

Dame Athanasia raised her umbrella.

"And now try to finally remember! Never spoil my plans! Never do anything without my permission if that affects my plans even indirectly! Stop competing with your partners! And never hurt feeling of any of them this way ever again! Is that clear?" she said in low stern voice, accentuating every word by a hard stroke of her umbrella on the girl's bottom.

Wolffang wept in pain and nodded, begging for mercy. She never saw her mistress so angry. By the time the punishment was finished, the orcess's bottom was bruised badly.

"Take her to our lair," Dame Athanasia said to Kajira, who suddenly appeared from the shadows. "And if Livonna will return before me, try to stop her from killing Wolffang. I don't want to loose any of you," she whispered in the witch's ear and walked away, covering from the sunlight under her umbrella.

Just as Dame Athanasia thought, Falaen went right to his house. He still was so shocked about what he saw at the market, that he didn't noticed, when a woman in dark clothes appeared from the shadows and bit him right in the neck. Suddenly he felt weakness and then a strange apathy. The woman turned him around, looking right in his eyes.

"Your blood is so tasty! It was very hard not to drain you down." she smirked. "Do you remember, what had happen today, Falaen Knight of the Realm?"

"Yes, milady." he nodded. His voice sounded empty.

"And what had happen today?"

"I found out that the girl I loved was actually a wild beast. Literally."

"Good. And now you have nothing to lose, Falaen. So give me the runic key," Dame Athanasia commanded.

Falaen just nodded and invited her to his home. There he led her into the kitchen and opened a shelf filled with cupcakes.

"Such a silly stash!" he said without any emotions. "Some magic, and a no one will notice that one of these cupcakes stays on this shelf much longer than such a stuff can stored." he took one of the cupcakes and crashed it, taking the runic key out. "It's yours milady." he gave it to vampiress.

Dame Athanasia smiled.

"Thank you, my dear. Now eat all what left from this delicious cupcake and forget that you ever touched it. And lead me out from your cosy home." she hid the key in her pocket.

Falaen quickly ate all the crumbs remaining from the enchanted cupcake and lead his sinister guest to the door. On the porch Dame Athasia gazed into his eyes.

"Forget about me. Forget about the key." she said in low voice.

"Yes, milady." Falaen answered.

"What do you remember?" Dame Athanasia asked.

"The girl I loved was a werewolf..." he respond perplexedly.

"Go and have some rest. And you never saw me," Dame Athanasia turned around and walked away, while totally confused Falaen closed door behind himself.

They both didn't noticed that poor Livonna was peeking from the bushes, weeping in pain and desperation.

"Is Livonna here?" Dame Athanasia asked, closing the door behind her.

"No, milady," Kajira turned to her. "How did it go? Have you got the key?"

"Yes! Another step to my victory. To our victory, my dear Kajira!" the vampiress smiled, but frowned noticing Wolffang, who tried to hide behind the curtain.

"Hey you, foolish girl! Go and find Livonna before she'll make anything stupid!"

"But she will torn me into pieces!" the orcess protested.

"Oh, yes! I will!" a rabid roar was heard behind their backs. All three women turned to the door and saw furious Livonna standing on the threshold.

"Oh, darkness!" Wolffang closed her eyes and hugged herself.

"How dare you to speak to me in such a voice!" Dame Athanasia said sternly. "Get over my knee! Now!"

"How dare you to ruin my love?" Livonna screamed hysterically. "You could make him forget about what he had seen on the market! But you didn't! Why?" she came up to her mistress, showing her ivories.

"To be sure, that he will not recall about the runic key any time soon, being too upset about how his love turned to be a beast!" Dame Athanasia grabbed Livonna by her scruff. "And I don't need to explain any of my decisions to any of you three! So get over my knee! Now!" and she put struggling she-werewolf over her knee. "Now you need some lesson in humility!" the vampiress took a solid wooden hairbrush.

"This is not fair! I got birched for nothing just because of this greenskin framed me! OW!!! OUCH!!! Milady, please, don't do this! OWIEE!!! I am so sore already! EEYOOW!!!" Livonna bawled in pain, squirming and struggling after each heavy spank landing over her already badly flogged bottom.

Livonna howled and bawled in pain, while Dame Athanasia continued walloping her with the hairbrush, neglecting her protests.

"...And I am your mistress, so it is me who decides what is right and what is wrong! And you can only... Hey what do you think you are doing?!" the vampiress tried to keep the she-werewolf lying over her knee, but Livonna suddenly break away and grabbed her mistress by the collar.

"I don't care if I owe you! I don't care if you are my mistress! You have no right to ignore my feelings like this!" she punched Dame Athanasia in the face and ran away, slamming the door behind herself.

Dame Athanasia stunned in shock, looking at the closed door.

The weather has turned bad. It was raining cats and dogs. Falaen was sitting in an armchair in front of the fireplace, looking out the window, sadly staring at raindrops running down the glass.

There was a knock on the door.

"Who is there?" Falaen asked, standing up from the armchair.

"It's me, Lydda!" the female voice answered.

"Oh, it's you," Falaen sighed and opened the door. "Come in, my old friend! How do you do?" he hugged her.

"Well, that's a state secret, you know," a young elven blonde giggled and hugged him back. "But speaking seriously, I am fine. Me and princess Maera are still trying to find her disappeared mother." she frowned for a second. "And how are you, my friend?"

"Well, fifty-fifty," Falaen shrugged.

"What's the matter, Falaen? I see that something is bothering you!" Lydda frowned.

Livonna didn't noticed that. She only wept bitterly, gazing at elves through the window. They didn't even notice her. And she didn’t even realise that she was just seeing a meeting of old friends. Her heart was broken. Weeping bitterly poor werewolfess walked away. And at each step she was turning more and more beast-alike.

A big grey she-wolf ran out the city and stopped only when she reached the forest. She sat on the ground, raised her muzzle and howled bitterly, feeling how the raindrops are running down over her fluffy wool. She never felt so lonely and so betrayed in her whole life. She howled to the clouded sky but the storm muffled her, turning her howl into a silent weep.

Friday, April 19, 2024

The WAH! WAH! Watusi

   Josie and The Pussycats were backstage, preparing for that night’s show. Josie was brushing her hair with a heavy ebony hairbrush, a gift from her grandmother, when she noticed Valeria was standing behind her, looking troubled.
   “What’s the matter, Val? Are you worried about the new song we’re playing tonight? I’m sure the kids will love it.”
   “No, it’s not that ….” Valeria said, her big brown eyes filled with sadness, “I’ve been debating whether or not to tell you this … last night, when you were asleep on the tour bus, I overheard Alexandra whispering to Alan. She told him, if he dropped by her hotel room tonight, after the show, she would show him things you would never dream of doing.” 
   THAT DAMN WITCH!” Josie shouted angrily, throwing her hairbrush against the wall. Watching the hairbrush clatter to the floor, gave Josie a wicked idea.
    Smiling devilishly, Josie said, “Girls, can you do me a favor? After the show tonight, I would like for you to ….”


   When the concert was over, Valerie and Melody forced a confused Alexandra into their dressing room, followed by Alexandra’s cat, Sebastian. Melody then locked the door, while Valeria led Alexandra over to Josie, who was sitting on a couch, with her hairbrush in her hand. Once Valeria had forced Alexandra across the redhead’s lap, Josie flipped Alexandra’s miniskirt up and skimmed down her undies, baring her bottom.
   “What are you doing? Are you crazy bitches tripping out?”, Alexandra protested.
    “I warned you, Alex, if you kept flirting with my boyfriend I would beat your ass. THIS is to prove to you I wasn’t lying.” Josie said, just before she began to spank Alexandra’s ample ass with her hand. Josie’s tiny hand stung like a bee, quickly turning Alexandra’s bottom as pink as bubblegum and she was begging for mercy, “I’m sorry, Josie. I’ll NEVER flirt with Alan again. Please stop now, I’ve learned my lesson.”
   “Stop now? That was just the opening act. THIS is the main event!” Josie said, picking up her deadly looking hairbrush and crashing it down as hard as she could on Alexandra’s hot bottom. Josie’s hand had stung, but her hairbrush burnt like a fiery blast from a blowtorch. After just a dozen swats, the bawling brunette’s rear was ruby red, with tiny blisters popping up like bubbles floating on a sea of red hot lava. Josie rested her hand on the well punished girl’s derrière, and was shocked by how hot it actually was, sizzling like bacon in a frying pan. But Josie wasn’t done yet.
    “Prepare yourself, bitch, it’s time for the grand finale.” Josie said, grinning wickedly, before firing a final volley of extra-hard smacks into Alexandra’s sit-spots and upper tights, ensuring Alexandra wouldn’t be able to sit down for the rest of the tour.
   When Josie was finally satisfied, she released Alexandra. Crying uncontrollably, Alexandra began to prance about the room like a circus pony, howling in pain, her mascara running like black tears down her cheeks, She desperately wanted to rub her crimson butt cheeks, but her searing rear was so, so sore, even a gentle caress was painful, so she settled on fanning her flaming fanny with her hands, hoping to create a cooling breeze. 
   Watching Alexandra’s gyrations, the trio of Pussycats began to laugh uproariously.  “Look, girls, Alex just created a groovy new dance.” Melody giggled, “We should write a song to go along with it. We could call it …. The WAH! WAH! Watusi.”

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Forest Discipline

"OWIEE!!!! OW!!!! I am sorry! OWIEEE!!!"

"If you'll ever scare any tourist in this forest ever again, this would be a picnic in comparison!"

"OWIEE!!! My poor bottom! OWIEEE!!!!"

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Idle Farmhand

"AUTSCH!!! Mein Popo!!! AUA!!!"

"So, Krüger, do you see now, what happens to lazy workers on my farm?"

"AUTSCH!!!! I am sorry! AUTSCH!!! AUA!!!!"

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Tears Won't Help You!

"AUA!!! AU!!! That hurts! AUA!!! Mein Popo! AUA!!!"

"Crying won't help you, Belinda! How many times should I remind you, that the money we are saving for the rent are for the rent and not for your silly dresses?!"

"AUTSCH!!! I am sorry! AUA!!!"

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Betty and Wilma

Curious to find out what their husbands, Barney and Fred, did at their lodge meetings, Betty and Wilma, disguised as men, sneaked into The Water Buffalo Lodge. Unfortunately for the unlucky duo, that was the night The Water Buffaloes hazed the newest potential members. Believing Betty and Wilma are men, hoping to join the lodge, the two women are paddled by ALL of the lodge members, including their own husbands.
After that excruciatingly painful paddling, Betty and Wilma ran out of the lodge and returned home, where they quickly changed out of their disguises. Redressing they were shocked to see their blistered bottoms were as red as lava, and just as hot. With purplish bruises beginning to form in the centers of their swollen butt cheeks, assuring sitting down would be nearly impossible for days to come.

Monday, April 1, 2024

Might and Magic

"Witchcraft, magic, enchantment, wizardry... Rubbish! There's nothing better than a good axe! Or a strong fist, I tell ya!" Zurin, a dwarfish warrior said, smiling widely, putting his hands on his hips.

 "Only a fool will underestimate the pure power of the brilliant mind!" Elenwen, an elven sorceress, stopped before him.

"Do you want a bet, witch?" the dwarf laughed. "I will defeat you with my bare hands!"

"Challenge accepted!" Elenwen said proudly. "And now you will..." she started casting a spell, but Zurin just pulled her by her golden hair and put over his lap, baring her cute bottom. The elvish woman struggled "How dare you! I will... OW!!!" she screamed in pain loudly, when her opponent's mighty hand heavily landed over her round buttocks.

"See? Your magic can't help you if you won't have a time to cast it!" Zurin laughed, continuing spanking poor Elenwen. She protested, she screamed, but the pain from the spanks was interrupting her every time she tried to cast any spell to save herself from this reprisal.

Finally Zurin stopped the spanking and pushed crying Elenwen from his lap.

"I hope you learned your lesson, witch!" he said and walked away.

Elenwen furiously rubbed her sore behind.

"Oh, you haven't seen the last of me, dork!" she said before casting a spell, which made the pain in her well spanked buttocks much easy. "I'll show you, what can a pure magic do!" and she followed the dwarf.

"Hey, Zurin! Turn around!" she shouted.

"What's the matter, witch? Do you want another spanking?" he asked, not looking at her.

"No. It is you, who wants a spanking!" Elenwen said, casting a spell. Zurin turned around.

"Can you give me a proper spanking, my mistress?" he asked politely, unbuckling his belt. His face looked shocked, but he couldn't do anything to stop himself.

"Bend over my knee, naughty dwarf!" Elenwen laughed, taking the belt from her opponent's hands. "I'll show you, why you shouldn't insulting women and sorcerers!" she commanded, casting another spell, to allow her opponent to speak, what he really thinks.

Elenwen was pretty sure, that Zurin will squirm and cry over her knee just right she did, when he spanked her. And she really made the dwarf kicking in pain, but instead of begging, he started cursing her wich such a words, that she quickly lost her temper.

"Shut up!" Elenwen finally shouted, casting a spell, but she was so angry, that instead of just making her opponent speechless, she accidentally turned him from a man to a woman."Wow! I knew, that the magic can be powerful, but I never thought it can be this powerful!" the sorceress said.

"What had you done, dirty elven bitch?!" the dwarf shouted in panic. "Turn me back to normal!"

"What did you said?!" Elenwen asked in furious voice. "Back to normal? To normal? How dare you?! Did you just call all the women abnormal?! Oh, you will regret this!" and she continued belting the dwafish woman, but now with much more force, making her screaming and squirming. "You know what? I will leave you like this. Maybe this will teach you a proper lesson in respect of a women and a mind powers!" she grinned, not wanting to admit, that she just had no idea, how to make poor Zurin back a man.

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Night of the Werewolves


A wolfish howling was heard around the castle for miles away. It was full with anger, pain and desperation. An attentive listener could hear through it a swishing and twacking sounds and a females laugh, which surely sounded quite evil.

Pauline, a young looking pale skinned beauty with raven hair, laughed and clapped her hands, looking at all the furiously squirming and struggling of Vivian, a young she-werewolf, who was desperately howling and weeping, being tightly tied to a birching horse. Her whole body was covered with bushy grey fur, now very messy, but her buttocks and upper thighs were thoroughly shaved and now completely covered with very sore and painful welts. Vivian turned away from Pauline to not see her gleeful gaze and met her tearful eyes with her another torturer - Lestat, a tall well-build vampire with short blonde hair. He grinned at her and raised a bunch of birches again. Vivian wept bitterly. How could she being so foolish? Why did she ever made this night prowl all alone so close to Pauline's demesne? She even didn't trespass vampire's territory, but pale skinned bloodsuckers caught her without any warning and dragged here - into the dungeon. She tried to struggle, but they were five against one, so she ended being tight tightly...

Another stroke of the birches landed over Vivian's already very sore bottom.

"HOOOWL!!!! Why are doing this?! AWOOOO!!!!" Poor she-werewolf bawled in agony.

Pauline smirked.

"Should I, a vampire princess have a reason for beating the daylight out from a mindless beast like you?" she smiled widely, showing her needle-like fangs and nodded to Lestat. "Continue, my servant! We have the whole night and many more birches ahead! Let's call it a musical night!"

"With the great pleasure, your majesty!" he nodded and brought another burning stroke over Vivian's already completely striped buttocks, making her howl in agony.

Pauline's smile became even wider. She wanted to watch someone getting a harsh whipping for a very long time. And the Best part was that she could say herself, that this torture for a living being was not just to satisfy her darkest sadistic desire. No. This was a message and not just to local werewolves, but for all children of the night. Pretty clear and simple message - bend before her, the vampire princess of these lands, or prepare to pay for your recalcitrancy! The vampiress licked her lips, watching, how the she-werewolf screams and squirms kicking and biting air now after each stinging birching stroke landing over her bright red buttocks. This surely was wonderful sight! First she even thought to birch the she-werewolf herself, but being a princess, a nobility she couldn't got her hands dirty even by such an amusing job. But even watching Lestat's beautiful work was a great satisfaction. And she surely had no wish him to stop.

When Vivian went hoarse from all her howling and bawling and was pretty sure, that she'll pass away from the pain, her torture suddenly finally stopped. Pauline came closer to her broken victim and touched her by the chin.

"Now listen to me closely, futile beast!" she looked closely into Vivan's tearful eyes. "Return to your pack and tell all the dirty mutts in my forest, that now you all are belong to me! Her majesty Pauline Drax! Do you understand me, doggie?" she chuckled.

Poor Vivian only nodded, weeping bitterly. The vampiress smirked. "No, no, no! Repeat, beast! Or maybe you want some more birching?" She laughed.

"No! Please, your majesty, no more!" poor wolf-girl pleaded "I will tell my pack, that we all now are your property..." she whimpered.

"Good!" Pauline turned to Lestat. "Throw this futile animal out from my castle, my servant!" she turned away and leaved the dungeon. Lestat laughed and untied poor Vivian before dragging her out and literally kicking away from the castle.

Limping and howling out loud, Vivian ran away from the castle. She was terrible humiliated and suffered from insufferable pain. But she also was too scared to stop even for a minute or two to sit down in snow and cool her terrible sore bottom off. She could only made a snowball and rolling it up and down, back and forth over her equally red, equally flaming buttocks all the way through the forest. She was almost feeling, how the snowball was melting from the heat from her terrible sore bottom. Vivan howled in unbearable pain all her way to her pack.
When poor Vivian finally arrived to her pack's lair, all the werewolves already were know, that something awful happened to her. The pack leader, flame furred werewolf-woman named Stirba, went out to meet her.

"Vivian, what happened?" she asked, but the answer was too obvious. Stirba frowned. "Who had done this to you? My poor wolfess!" she hugged Vivian, who was still whimpering bitterly. Weeping and moaning, laying on her belly with a big snow clod on her badly burning buttocks, while her packmates gathered around, the whipped werewolf-girl told them everything. How she was caught by vampires, how they tortured and humiliated her, and all what their leader, Pauline Drax wanted her to tell. When she finished her gloomy story, her cheeks were blushing so bright, that it could be seen even through her fur. Stirba growled in pure anger.

"So, that bloodsucking bitch really thinks, that she is that superior over all of us?!" she shouted "And she dares to torture one of us just like this, being sure, that she will get away with this?! No way! She will pay for this insult to our pack! To our kind! My dear wolves, this night we will have our revenge!"

The whole pack growled and howled in acclamation. They surely just couldn't let that vampiress get her away with what she had done. So they started the preparations. First Marsha, dark grey furred werewolf-girl with a bushy mane of raven hair, and Serafine, pale grey furred werewolf-girl, stole a jar full of Holy water from the nearest church, while their packmates were cutting switches. Then they put the switches in Holy water to soak them right, making an ultimate birches to punish the haughty vampiress.

And while the birches were soaking, the werewolves attacked the castle. Pauline's undead servants flee away in fear, running for their unnatural lives, while the proud vampire princess was caught in her bedroom, where she tried to hide under her coffin.
The angry werewolves tore Pauline's luxurious dress and cloak apart, while they were dragging her out from her castle and bringing deep into their forest. Vampire princess protested, threatened that just after she will be released, she will return and bring all the werewolves pack to heel, and finally just begged for mercy, but all was useless. The werewolves tied her to the old oak and brought the birches.

"Do you really think, we will bow before you, bloodsucking bitch?" Stirba asked, angrily looking in Pauline's eyes.

"Ugh! You would not dare to speak to me like this, if my useless minions weren't this coward!" Pauline shouted. "You are nothing more than wild forest animals! You have no honour! You have no right do this to me! I am nobility! I am princess! Let me go, and I will spare you all for this time!"

"Is this your last word?" Stirba asked, riding the bunch of birches.

"Hey, don't do this! This is not necessary! I... I apologies! This all was just a silly mistake! Please, let me go! And I... I will give you this forest!" Pauline begged.

"This forest is already ours. And it was ours for generations! Girls, let's show this undead bitch her proper place!" Strirba nodded to her packmates and brought the first stroke upon Pauline's pale bottom. Proud vampire princess screamed out loud like a peasant girl, when birches soaked in Holy water landed heavily over her vulnerable bottom. Leader of the werewolves pack herself and her faithful companions birched undead bitch as merciless as she tormented one of them some hours before. Soaked in Holy Water birches literally burned undead behind, making vampiress scream so loud, that them were heard all over the whole forest, making all the creatures of the night and other supernatural beings laughing.

Pauline bawled in pain, begged and pleaded, but the werewolves finished the punishment only after all the birches were broken on her now terrible sore and almost literally burned buttocks, and she swore on her un-life, that she and her minions would never even come close to the forest edge. Only after that the werewolves finally untied the vampiress and leaved her alone in the depths of a forest.

It was almost dawn, when poor Pauline finally found the way out to her castle. Right before the first sunbeam appeared over horizon, she closed the door behind her, still weeping from the terrible pain. Next few days she was sleeping on her belly in her coffin with opened lid to make sure, that nothing will touch her burning bottom, which never was this sore. Even when she was alive.

Thursday, February 29, 2024

The Ruler

       Belinda, a pretty pixie-faced blonde from Germany, currently working as a substitute teacher in Texas, walked into Principal Rachael Ferguson’s office and saw her friend, Molly Mulligan, the high school’s office manager, standing by the file cabinets.
        Belinda smiled at the redhead and handed her some papers, telling her, “Hello, Molly, here’s my monthly work report. I know it’s late, but I had a talk with Rachael yesterday and she told me I had until this morning to turn it in.”
        Glaring at Belinda, anger seething in her sea green eyes, Molly snatched the report out of the German girl’s hand, “Rachael just had …. “a little talk” with me, too! She told me yesterday, you told her you turned your monthly report into the office on time, but it must had been lost or misfiled. THAT’S why she gave you more time to turn it in AGAIN. After you left the office, Rachael told me if I didn’t find that report, when I got to work this morning, she would … would …well, you can see what she just did!” Molly spun around and raised her skirt, and lowered her panties, so Belinda could see her ass was raspberry red, covered with a series of even darker stripes.
         “OH NO! You got SPANKED because of me? I’m so sorry, Molly.” Belinda said feeling horrible, “I never meant to get you into trouble. When Rachael asked me about that report, I had forgotten all about it, but I knew she would paddle me if I told her that, I got so nervous, I …. lied and told her I had turned it in on time. Hoping she would give me more time to complete it. I was up all night working on that damn thing!”
         “Belinda, I’m the office manager here. IF a report gets lost or misfiled, that’s MY responsibility. Thanks to your lies, my ass is on FIRE!”, Molly pouted, rubbing her red hot hiney, “I should drag you by your ear into Rachael’s office and tell her you lied to her yesterday. I would love to watch you getting your big bottom blistered right now.”
         “Please don’t do that, Molly”, Belinda pleaded, “ She would be so mad about me lying to her, she wouldn’t just paddle me, she may even fire me.”
         “You do deserve a good hard spanking, Belinda, but … I would hate myself if I was responsible for you losing your job.” Molly said.
         “Thank you, Molly, thank you,” Belinda said smiling, “And you’re right, I do deserve a spanking, for getting you into trouble with Rachael. I feel terrible about that. Maybe … do you want to give me a spanking? Just like the one you just got. After work today?”
          Molly’s green eyes lit up, “Give you a SPANKING? Are you serious about that, you naughty brat? Just like the one Rachael just gave me? A bare bottomed spanking across her lap followed by twelve swats with this little monster?” Molly held up a wooden ruler from her desk, “I have to warn you, this little sucker stings like a bee.”
          Belinda’s big blue eyes grew even bigger, “That sounds horrible! But, yeah, if that’s what you got because of MY lies, that’s what I deserve.”
         Molly sneered devilishly. “It’s a deal, then, Rachael is leaving early today, so when school is out meet me back here. I’ll even spank you sitting in the same chair Rachael spanked me in. IF I can sit down by then. “
         Belinda never expected Molly to take her up on her offer, and was a little nervous about how excited Molly was to blister her butt, but she knew she deserved whatever Molly had planned for her.
          The German girl left the office, feeling like she had just signed her own death certificate.

   Belinda and Molly was in Principal Rachael Ferguson’s office, watching the last of the school’s employees leaving on the school’s monitors. “I think that’s everybody,” Molly said, smiling sinisterly, “Are you ready for your spanking, Belinda?” Belinda raised the back of the sexy redhead’s short skirt to examine her war wounds. While her ass wasn’t as red as it was that morning, it was badly bruised, and looked extremely sore. “No, no I’m not,” Belinda said, biting her bottom lip, “But I know I deserve one.”

   “Then follow me, you German brat”, Molly said pulling out the same chair Rachael was sitting in when she had spanked her. Sitting down, Molly squealed and quickly leaped back up, rubbing her injured “pride”. That caused Belinda to giggle until Molly shot her a stern look, her green eyes icy. “Do you think that’s funny? I bet you won’t be laughing when you’re trying to sit down after I’m through with you! I’m going to go get my cushion out of my office. You can go ahead and take your pants down. I’ll be back in a minute.” 
    Returning with her cushion and her wooden ruler, Molly sat down gingerly and pointed at her lap, saying, “Come here, you naughty thing.” Belinda, with her bottom now bare, slid nervously across Molly’s lap.
       Molly’s tiny hand looked like a doll’s hand resting on the blonde’s big snowy white bottom. She knew it would take a while to light up both of Belinda’s chubby butt cheeks, but she was in no hurry. This was going to be fun.
       At first, Molly’s spanks felt like a gentle caress to Belinda, but then the redhead began to rain her hand down harder and harder, faster and faster, until she had started a thousand tiny fires all across her quickly reddening rear. Flames that swiftly began to merge together, until  the white hot heat engulfed the German girl’s entire bottom, raising boiling, bubbling blisters. Belinda was surprised her ass wasn’t setting off the school’s fire alarm.
      Then, Belinda felt the wooden ruler crack like thunder across her already raw, roasting rear. Each sizzling swat of that wicked wooden terror felt like Molly was adding kindling to the raging, roaring fire she had just built. Hotter and hotter until the heat became almost unbearable. 
     Finally, she heard Molly say, “OK, that was number twelve. You can get up now.” Belinda leaped off of Molly’s lap, 
   Molly smiled proudly, watching Belinda hopping up and down like she was riding an invisible pogo stick, her long blonde braids swinging to and fro, shouting “HOT! HOT! HOT!” over and over, her hands plastered to her plump posterior. But Molly’s smile began to fade when she saw Belinda was crying uncontrollably. And some of the welts left by her ruler were already beginning to turn purple. She never meant to spank Belinda that hard, to really hurt her. She had planned on turning her tushy as pink as cotton candy, stinging, sure, but only sore for a few hours. But once she got the wiggling woman across her lap, hearing her groan and squeal, feeling the heat rise like steam from her ample ass cheeks as she turned them redder and redder … she lost control. 
      Belinda looked at Molly mournfully, tears running down her pretty cheeks, and asked her, “Are we … are we friends again now?”
    Molly began to cry herself, hugging Belinda close, “I wasn’t ever not your friend, Silly. And I apologize if I spanked you too hard. I guess I got a little carried away. But you did say you wanted a spanking EXACTLY like the one Rachael gave me this morning. Because of you. But we’re even now.”
     Belinda smiled at Molly, with tears in her eyes. “ I said you could spank me, but I never dreamed you were going to tear my ass up THIS bad! I won’t be able to sit down again for a week! And I’m not sure if we’re really even, either. Rachael spanked you so you spanked me. But when do I get to spank you?” 
    The two girls laughed about that, and then Molly handed Belinda an ice pack from her mini-fridge and a cushion for her to sit on her during her painful ride back to her apartment.
      Back at her own apartment, lying across her bed on her stomach, with an ice pack on her aching ass, to help to take down the swelling, Molly couldn’t stop thinking about what Belinda had said. Molly considered Principal Ferguson as her mentor, almost like a mother figure, her disciplinarian, she felt like she deserved every spanking she had ever gotten from her. But … laying across Belinda’s lap, her beautiful blue eyes twinkling, as her hand slowly raised a fire as hot as hellfire all across her bare bottom. Hearing Belinda laugh at her squeals of pain. Listening to the buxom blonde giggle as she watched her attempting to sit down after she had just blistered her bottom … why did that idea seem so … intriguing to Molly?