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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

The German Au Pair Girl

Thinking, that the Best way to improve her English could be a work experience in United Kingdom, Belinda hired as an au pair girl to an English family. Mr. Tomas Jonson was fair, but strict man. And his wife, Alice, thought, that such a young and pretty girl in their home can be a menace. So she started to seek for a reason, to make Belinda's life in UK harder.

Belinda worked well and behaved herself as a nice person, but she showed herself a bit lazy several times, and that gave Mrs. Jonson a reason to convinced her husband, that this foreign girl deserved a good old British discipline.
Mr. Jonson agreed to his wife and gave Belinda a simple choice - a sacking or a belting. The proud-spirited girl choose the punishment. To Mrs. to the greatest pleasure. Belinda was pretty sure, that she would took the punishment without any noise, but Mr. Jonson's belt quickly made her not just howling in pain, but also squirming over the bed and kicking her legs desperately.

Failed Raid

"It's all your fault, Wolf Fang! If you wasn't that coward, we'll took those elves down!"

"But there was a sorcerer!"

"Oh, a sorcerer? And what would he be able to do, if you stab him instead of just running away? I had enough! Bent over, or it'll be only worse for you!"

"But please, be gentle!"
"Hold still! Save me some time, at least! I'll lacerate this coward ass of yours anyway!"


Monday, April 6, 2020

Wannabe Heroine

Many brave adventurers came to the town on the border. Almost all of them were haughty, self-confident and pretty sure, that they will make themselves the name as a hero or, maybe, a villain fast and easy...
So the more terrible for all of them was the fact, that the town had a very strict law for all such a wannabes...


"AUTSCH!!! Mein arme Popo! Boohoo! Why is this saddle so rough?! AU!!! Yes, I mixed up the packages, but why did Mrs. Hammond not waited, until I will fix it and then give me a belting?! AU!!! I barely can sit! AU!!! How is she supposing, I will deliver all the packages to the right addressees, when my poor bottom is on fire?! AUA!!!"

Any Last Words?

"Any last words, lass?"

"Screw you! Let's just get over with this!"

At the Stables

"Oh, this female German butt looks really nicely in our stables! Diego, sweetheart, would you be so nice and bring here at least five long switches? I'm pretty sure, those are what this naughty thief needs!"

"Mein Gott! Please, nein! I am innocent! I am wrongly accused!"

"Shut up, beauty! Conserve you strength! Diego'll stripe your naughty ass thoroughly in a minute!"