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Saturday, May 27, 2023

The Ultimatum

"Mein arme Popo..."

"Well, class, I guess I made myself clear, that I won't tolerate any disrespect in future! Especially, from a naughty German exchange student like you, Miss Krüger! Do you understand?"

"Ja, Frau Morris... Whoops! I mean, yes, Miss Morris!"

"I don't think so! Bend over again!"

"Mein Gott!"

Thursday, May 25, 2023

The Best Showplace in the Village

"AUA!!! But Herr... AUA!!! I was just... AU!!! ...looking for... AUA!!! ...some showplaces! AUTSCH!!! Mein Popo! AUA!!!"

"Some showplaces? On my land? Very well! This woodshed surely deserves your attention! Look at its walls carefully, while I will teach you a good lesson about trespassing! Naughty tourist!"

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Nein Strokes

The young German woman visited USA. She was walking through the countryside and decided to cut off a corner and walk through someone's land. But she was noticed by the owner, who caught her and cut a switch, going to punish her for trespassing.

"Nein! Nein!" she exclaimed in horror.

"Well, I was going to give you only five strokes." the man said "but if you insist on nine..."

Yes, she knew she had trespassed and deserved the whipping, so she put her hands on her thighs and pushed her bottom out, hoping that her heavy denim shorts would soften the nine strokes of the switch. She also looked urgently around, embarrassed at the thought that a wandering walker would see her getting whipped. Just then, a large and woolly black dog - a Burnese Mountain Dog - ran behind the hedge. It was such a big  dog she misidentified it, looked at the man, and shouted "Bear." 

Thinking his luck kept getting better, the man said once again. "Well,  if you insist, you can taking your switching on the bare."

Saturday, May 6, 2023

Vampirella and the Beast

When this naughty werewolf-girl is found to being very wild some over the knee spanking is very necessary! Over the bare bottom spankings is most necessary!

Not a Good Day to be a Bad Girl

"Any last words before you'll remember, why is it not very smart to behave baldy at my watch, young lady?"

"But Frau Morris, maybe this is not that necessary?"

"Oh, it is! Today is not a good day to be a bad girl, class! And now you all, and especially silly Miss Krüger, will learn, why!"

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Sorry Is Not Enough!

"AU!!! Meg, please! AU!!! May I just say I am sorry and we... AUA!!!"

"No, Belinda! Sorry would not be enough! Yes, I gave you permission to borrow my things, but I didn't mean my boyfriend too, you German slut!"


Friday, April 21, 2023

Hell's Kitchen

"AUTSCH!!! Mein Popo!!! AUA!!! That stings! AUTSCH!!!"

"Shut up, Krüger! I warned you, that if you'll continue cooking so awful, I'll give you very hot and spicy reason to learn, how to do that properly!"

Monday, April 17, 2023


"AU!!! Mein Popo! AU!!!"

"Shut up, las! You're lucky that I prefer just to spank your naughty butt instead of shoot it with a rock salt! But if I'll see you on my land ever again, I won't be so kind!"

Sunday, April 9, 2023

Double Reprise

 Belinda walks into her boss’ office and is surprised to see a beautiful dark hair woman sitting at her boss’ desk. “Excuse me, Miss, my boss, Mr. Van Meter asked me to report to his office after work today. Do you know where he is?”
   The woman gives Belinda a icy stare, and says, “Yes, I do. He left early today. My name is Lori Van Meter, Ron is my husband. I asked him to set up this meeting with you for today. Don’t you recognize me, Belinda?”
   Belinda is stumped by that question, “ No, I don’t. Have we met before?”
   Mindy’s dark eyes flashed fiery, “ We went to school together, Belinda.  I’m Lori Lawson.”
   Belinda is shocked to hear that, “LORI LAWSON? But … you’re beautiful now, when we went to high school together you were so … so …”
   “FAT?”, Lori said angrily, “Isn’t that what you used to call me, Belinda? And Lori Lard-Ass? Do you have any idea how badly that used to hurt me? How many nights I cried myself to sleep? Because of you, Belinda?”
   Belinda bowed her head, and whispered, “ I’m sorry, Lori, I was a brat in high school.”
   “A BRAT? You were a bully, Belinda. I used to talk to my grandmother about you. She was a high school principal, back in the 60’s, when corporal punishment was still allowed in the school. She always said, she wished you had been one of her students. She would had paddled you black-n-blue.”
    Belinda feeling guilty, said, “I guess I did deserved to be paddled for how I treated you back then.”
     Reaching into one of her husband’s desk drawers, Lori pulled out a wooden paddle. “ I think you STILL deserve to have your bottom blistered, Belinda. With this, my grandmother’s paddle. I want to hurt you, like you hurt me. I want to make you cry, like you made me cry.”
   Belinda’s eyes grew wide and her heart began to beat like a triphammer, “You want to … PADDLE me now? But I’m a grown woman. You can’t paddle me like I’m a naughty little girl.”
    “I talked to my husband about you, Belinda. He doesn’t want someone like you working here. That’s why I asked you here today, to offer you a choice, be fired or …” Lori patted her grandmother’s paddle against the palm or her, and then pointed towards her husband’s desk.
    Belinda began to cry, “ I love this job … and I guess I do deserve to be paddled … for the way I treated you, Lori.”
     “That’s a good girl, Belinda,” Lori said, smiling mischievously, “I’ll tell my husband to let you keep your job. Now, remove your pants and your panties and bend over. I’m going to really enjoy this.”

      Lori giggled watching Belinda dance around the office after her paddling, her blonde hair bobbing up and down as she howled like a hungry she-wolf. Belinda's bottom was sizzling, hotter than it had ever been. Belinda had been paddled before, numerous times, but she knew this was the worse paddling she had ever received. It would take days, maybe weeks, before she could sit comfortably again.
   Lori smile faded, as thought of her grandmother. How she wished she could tell her about today. How she finally gave Belinda the paddling her grandmother had always wanted to give her. And with her own paddle.
   Once Belinda had calmed brown enough to pull her pants back up, pants that now felt two sizes too small, she turned to Lori, tears rolling down her cheeks, and asked her, "So, everything is OK between now? Your husband won't fire me now?"
   Lori smile returned, thinking about what was going to happen to Belinda next. "Of course, Belinda, that was our deal. My husband expects you to come to work tomorrow. In fact, he wants you to come in a half hour early. He wants to have a little talk with you."
  A LITTLE TALK? Hearing that sent a chill down Belinda's spine. "A LITTLE TALK? He's not going to paddle me, too, is he?"
   "Oh no, Belinda", Lori said, wiping the tears from Belinda's face with a Kleenex "He's not going to paddle you."
   "Thank God," Belinda sighed, "I'll be lucky if I can sit down tomorrow as sore as I am right now. I sure don't want to be paddled again that soon. Well, I better go home now. And try to cool my bottom down before I go to sleep. On my stomach."
   Belinda was about to leave the office, when Lori asked her an unusual question, "Don't you just love it when you see someone wearing a gift you gave them, Belinda?"
   The German girl found this question confusing. Was Lori talking about the bruises she would be wearing on her bottom for the rest of the week? "Uh, yes, I do."
   "I do, too," Lori said, smiling mischievously, " I brought my husband a thick black leather belt for his birthday last week. He's going to wear that to work tomorrow. Sweet dreams, Belinda. It was a pleasure getting to see you again."
  In the hallway, Belinda could hear Lori laughing. Why did mention her husband would be wearing a thick black leather belt tomorrow? Lori said he wasn't going to spank her. Didn't she? No, come to think of it, she only said he wasn't going to PADDLE her! And a belt isn't a paddle. Belinda began to cry again.

Friday, March 31, 2023


"AUTSCH!!! Mein Popo!!! AUA!!!"

"And now, Miss Krüger, let's talk again, why nitric acid is a poor choice for the demonstration of the hydrogen displacement reaction!"