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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Good Old-Fashioned Texas-Style Ass Whipping


  1. Love this Belinda, How delightful. I do soooo agree!
    " Don't spare the rod n all "

    I gotten raised with the equivalent Georgia version as a child in the early 1960s, across my mother's knee. It was normal. Par for the course for naughty lil' daughters.

    Albeit with a few, key, appropriate differences. Oh my !!
    Unfortunately :-(

    First my cute, 1950s shorts & cotton, white panties always gotten pulled down to my pudgy knees, before I went over the maternal knee. Oh my!

    Second I gotten a flexible, rattan cane ("switch") repeatedly tanning the sensitive skin of my bare, chubby, alabaster-white botty a whole bunch !!!
    That was the punishment.

    I sure screamed like Hell which is a naughty, lil' princess's prerogative, Belinda.

    It did me real good over the long term, like over nearly six decades ha-ha (but was extremely uncomfortable for my sensitive bare Popo short term !!!)
    Thanks, Belinda
    Brenda xx